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2013 Growing Industries in the U.S.

Posted January 17, 2013 in

The fastest growing industries in the United States are worth following because they impact the rest of the world and are the industries that are hiring and prospering in spite of the global recession.  You might be surprised at some of the businesses on this list, but the numbers and profits make them a favorite among customers and investors:


Hot Sauce and other condiments are rapidly gaining popularity with the American public as the culinary environment becomes more diverse.  In one of our last newsletters, on millionaire immigrants in America, several immigrants dealt with ethnic foods that have crossed the mainstream in American food to make lots of money.

Generic medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturing is growing not surprisingly as the American population is aging.  Because many retired Americans do not have a large pension funds or cannot rely on social security benefits, the answer to medicine and healthcare becomes “generic” labels which cost a lot less than established brands.


Pilates & Yoga Studios have been on the rise for years as more and more Americans are interested in both body and mind health benefits.  AlthoughAmerica has a large share of obese population, many are spending more of their income on ways to stay fit and trim, and the biggest trend these days is yoga and pilates classes.
Solar Panels manufacturing is part of the “green and sustainable” movement that is sweeping the United States.  These solar panels are placed on the rooftop of homes and commercial building to absorb the sun or heat in order to transform it into practical energy or power.  While the solar panel manufacturing sector is increasing output, the technicians or distributors have their hands full with new installations.


Social network game development is a relatively new industry that has surely become an integral part of the online and social networking scene.  With more and more people joining social networking sites, the need for games and apps increases for user experience.   Not all of the games are free and some games can only be found in certain networks, which means that the developers make money off of executively rights, downloads and advertising.   This is an industry that not only has a wide job potential but is also worth investing in!


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