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Our Mission

The USAFIS mission is to promote opportunities that America has to offer in regard to the Green Card Lottery and other U.S. immigration options; giving people the choice to make a better life for themselves and their families. Our company understands that it is the U.S. immigrant experience that can turn dreams into reality. Many people look at the USA and wonder what if? Our goal is to change that question into why not?


Many are automatically disqualified from the Green Card Lottery for not following the U.S. government application requirements. Your chance to immigrate to the U.S. through the Green Card Lottery should not be missed due to application mistakes. For over 15 years, USAFIS has guaranteed their clients Green Card Lottery entry.

The most common Green Card Lottery application errors that receive automatic disqualification are:

  • Not filling out all the fields in the application
  • Putting in a native country that is not qualified for the program
  • The educational and job requirements do not meet governmental regulations
  • The photos are not in accordance with U.S. governmental guidelines
  • The E-DV entry form was not submitted electronically
  • The application was submitted past the deadline

The USAFIS Advantage

USAFIS has created a service to ensure applicants get past the first Green Card Lottery hurdle – the application stage. Due to many people’s misunderstanding of what is needed, the U.S. State Department automatically disqualifies millions of applications every year. USAFIS guarantees qualified applicants Green Card Lottery entry.

Service Summary:

  • An error free application
  • Transform paper based applications into E-DV format
  • Digitizing photos in accordance with U.S. governmental guidelines
  • 24/7 Customer Service Department that speaks your language
  • Submission of an application in a timely manner
  • Send Green Card Lottery updates crucial to the application process
  • Clients selected by the program are personally notified by phone, fax and email

For over fifteen years, USAFIS has serviced millions of applications. We are the #1 service provider for Green Card Lottery applications in the world. It is our wish to get you through the five step Green Card Lottery process. These phases include:

  • Registration – Before officially applying for the Green Card Lottery, a person needs to determine if they are eligible for the program. Eligibility requirements include being a native of a qualifying country and a high school education or 2 years of work experience. Through our Eligibility Test, we know if you qualify for the program or not.
  • Application – The most complicated part is the first official phase of the Green Card Lottery. There are questions on the application that may be confusing due to the language or what is actually required to fill in. Our Customer Service Department can assist you in this phase in your own language.
  • Photo – The U.S. government requires all photos to be digitized with detailed specifications. We can take your physical or digital photo and transform it into the E-DV format.
  • Submission – Before your application is submitted to the Green Card Lottery, our immigration experts thoroughly review each aspect of the entry before submitting it into the program.
  • Selection – The U.S. government no longer informs winners if they are selected. It is up to the individual applicant to find out. As part of our service, USAFIS agents personally inform you if you won. Afterwards, winners are put in contact with immigration lawyers who can guide them through the post selection process such as dealing with U.S. embassy officials and government documents. In addition, USAFIS provides insider tips about other U.S. immigration opportunities and options as well as life in the United States, such as the best places to live and find a U.S. job.