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The United States Green Card Lottery Program, officially known as the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, is a complicated program. USAFIS takes any doubts out of the process. With a USAFIS Green Card Lottery Program application, you can be sure that your application will be submitted correctly.

One of the many reasons applications are rejected by the US State Department is due to minor errors, throughout the application. They range from the simple misspelling of your birth city or town, to more complicated matters such as determining your nativity.

This is where USAFIS gets into the picture. USAFIS has more than 16 years of experience; we created a user-friendly application which gathers basic information regarding you and your family. Then your application is reviewed by our team of experts who make sure that all the information is accurate and inserted according to the US State Department standards. The State Department also has strict regulations regarding additional requirements for the application. For example, as part of the application process you will be asked to upload photos of every member of your family. If these photos do not fit to the State Department’s regulations, the government will disqualify your application. Here at USAFIS, we have an expert team that specializes in adjusting the photos according to the State Department’s regulations so we ensure your application is submitted successfully without any mistakes!

If you do choose to apply without our services and your application does have errors such as misspelled information or the wrong type, size, or resolution of photos, the US State Department will disqualify your application without even notifying you.

As part of our services, we not only make sure your application is submitted successfully, but we also walk you through the entire process from A to Z until you get the Green Card.

We have a team of experienced experts in our Immigration Department that will provide you with excellent professional services, take you confidently through each step of the process and keep you informed and involved during the procedure.

This is why USAFIS is here! USAFIS guarantees your application will be successfully submitted to the Lottery. Also, with our multiple year programs, you won’t need to worry about re-submitting your application Every…. Single ….. Year…..

USAFIS is here to help!