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U.S. President and Vice President Pro-Immigrant Remarks

Posted December 24, 2013 in

Very recently, in a speech in New York to political leaders, Vice President Joe Biden said that Congress has a moral and economic imperative to offer a pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants living in America illegally.

The Vice President continued to explain that many immigrants “are already Americans,” whether they are illegal or not.  He said immigrants simply want a decent life for themselves and their children, just as his great grandparents did.


It is said that 13% of the American population are new immigrants, while the rest have come to the country as immigrants at one point.  And immigrants have contributed to the United States with hard work, productivity, new ideas, new innovations and diversity that is so desperately needed in a free and competitive economy.

This was the second time in a single week that Vice President Biden addressed immigration publicly.  The Obama-Biden administration has been open about immigration reform and their support for new immigrants.

Finally, Biden concluded that the majority of Americans in both parties support such a pathway and the granting of full citizenship rights to immigrants who would like to make a better life for themselves in America.

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